Two Way Radio Communications For Every Day Use

Back in the late 1970′s, the two-way radio communications industry has reaped popularity from most population as being the most state-of-the-art communication gadget for most industries. This was the time when no Internet access was freely available for most people. Almost everyone rely on television or the radio for most of their communication and information dissemination. So how come the two-way radio is still being used every day for most industries? These communication gadget seem to withstand all the Internet rave that has transpired borders in communication using social media and other strategic methods. It survived being wiped out as a considerable amount of population actually still patronize it.

Most businesses have retained airing their advertising and marketing their products and services over the radio waves aside from printed media or multi-media. But for the two-way radio case, it has been popularly used as coordination tool especially for inventory, delivery, and emergency purposes. The best example would be the use of moving services in land operations like trucking services that uses two-way radios in communication with their base and update their location from time to time. This helps the trucking workforce to know what is their job additional instructions as well as maintain customer care by giving information of the status of their cargo.

Schools and other public establishments are also required to have back up communication gadgets like two way radio for emergency situations. This is handy especially for events like storms, floods, or any alarming coincidence that requires communication for help or assistance. In most cases where power outage or disaster cuts off all other phone lines or disable signal coverage the two way radio can easily become a reliable substitution for communication device.

As you can observe in your community, the police force happen to have two-way communication in their patrols and almost all of their vehicles. Fire trucks also carry this device in coordinating with their emergency mission response. Even aerial crafts like helicopters and commercial flights have two-way radio in their cockpits as back up when their new edge technology fails to reach the tower.

Radio communication using two way radios can be limited in some ways, but its strong reception of signal in channels can be more reliable compared to the wireless communication devices nowadays. As the years came, these radios have also become more sophisticated and yet maintained their signature style of low frequency channels to have a stronger signal to work around with without experiencing interference too much.

Most other communication developed after two-way radios might be more sleek or compact like the mobile phones but they have limited power source, lesser signal channels, and reliable to networks. These factors can make the mobile phones more susceptible to lose communication compared to two-way radios. Mobile phones also cost a lot with lesser usage capacity compared.They have become more of a fashion statement than built for actual communication gadget compared to two-way radios. So these are some of the reasons why two-way radios are here to stay.

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